California Course Descriptions
Life Only Agents
Professional Issues Training - 31 Hours Purchase Course

A superb financial planning course covering tax, retirement and investment planning ... Trusts and estate planning equity indexed annuities, key employee insurance, benefit planning, asset protection and more! A lot of hours in one book! 362 pages

Estate Planning Primer - 6 Hours Purchase Course

A great reference covering estate issues and law with concentration on evaluating the estate, the estate plan, tax facts, gifts, wills, trusts and insurance trusts. 52 pages

Mature Markets - 30 Hours Purchase Course

The graying of America is well underway. This course explores senior and boomer purchasing decisions and special needs in order to effectively "program" a Client's protection and investment strategy. Appropriate products and client strategies are discussed along with the importance of mature underwriting, estate planning, social security, trusts, wills and asset protection. 320 Pages

Specialty Markets - 20 Hours Purchase Course

Specialty or advanced markets refer to the unique risks in quality business markets. In particular, this course discusses problems and the level of service an agent must understand in the areas of business formation, business continuation, business benefits and business estates. 210 Pages

Annuity Suitability - 4 Hours Purchase Course

The Annuity 4-Hour Course is intended to provide a refresher to the initial 8-Hour Annuity requirement required every two year renewal period. Agents will learn care and conduct Surrounding their primary market-boomers and senior's, contract provisions for fixed, variable and equity-indexed annuities and a full dose of disclosure rules and regulations pertaining to California. 45 Pages

Casualty Only Agents
Errors & Omissions Insurance - 8 Hours Purchase Course

Managing the liability by understanding tort law, negligence and its cause, fiduciary responsibilities, liability claims and risk avoidance. Liability policy construction and forms and more! 127 pages

Property / Casualty Today - 30 Hours Purchase Course

A "Must" have for ALL casualty agents or Issues Shaping P&C Sets. Straight talk on 19 classifications from fire and auto to glass and burglary. Legal issues in selling, including the latest agent lawsuits, managing client conflicts, agent blunders, selling on the internet and much more! A lot of hours in one book! 316 pages

Understanding Liability Coverages - 6 Hours Purchase Course

The legality of liability is studied from many viewpoints: Liability and tort law, establishing negligence, duties and defenses, vicarious and strict liability, products liability and more — including examples. 44 pages

Any Agent
Lifetime Membership - 0 Hours Purchase Course

Lifetime Membership affords the broker/agent unlimited access to the Hassle Free CE library of courses. A one time fee does apply. Order now and you’ll never have to pay for CE courses again. Don’t delay…order yours today! Only a limited number of memberships will be sold!

Insurance Marketing Issues - 30 Hours Purchase Course

A superior reference! Selling insurance on the internet...Agent responsibilities/lawsuit cases you can't ignore...Avoiding "expert status"...Evaluating insurer safety...Client needs "beyond insurance" & more. A lot of CE Hours in one book. 291 page

Ethics - 4 Hours Purchase Course

The Ethics 4-Hour Course is intended to provide a solid foundation for agents to understand their conduct and ethical duties in the State of California. Agents are first shown their accountability under the law and through examples of court cases discover how other agents are brought to task for violations of market conduct and ethics. A full compliment of ethical decision-making tools, techniques and examples demonstrate the correct path. A required course, but a great reading in prevention and loss control. 4 Pages

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