California Continuing Education Rules

ETHICS 4-HOUR COURSE: Starting 1/01/07, Section 2188 et seq. of the California Code of Regulations has been amended requiring ALL Life Agents and Fire/Casualty Brokers-Agents complete four (4) hours of ethics training during their two-year license term. Similarly, Personal Lines Broker-Agents will be required to complete two (2) hours of ethics training during their two-year license term. The training will be part of, not in addition to, the California resident agent's current continuing education requirement.

ANNUITY 4-HOUR COURSE: A 4-Hour refresher course required for every renewal period for life agents selling annuities. Example: Sally took the 8-Hour Annuity Course for her renewal, if you've taken the 8-Hour Annuity Course below, you need to start taking the 4-Hour Course every renewal period AFTER taking the 8-Hour Course below.

ANNUITY 8-HOUR COURSE: SB620 was signed into law on September 29, 2003. This law requires all agents to complete an 8-Hour training course before selling any annuity after 1/01/05.

CE & LONG TERM CARE REQUIREMENTS: Junior agents (less than 4 years in business) need 25 CE Hours per year. If you sell Long Term Care, 8-hours of LTC 2004 training is required every year as PART OF the 25 hours required. After 4 years in business, you will need 24 CE Hours every two years. (8 hours of LTC 2004 if you sell long term care) It is your responsibility to verify CE hours needed by cakking the DOI at (800) 967-9331 or visit

REPEATING COURSES:Repeating courses id not recommended. However, it is possible to take a course again as long as you have "crossed over" into a new renewal period since you last took it. As an example, let's say you took the LTC in 2015 and your license renews at the end of 2017. You can repeat LTC again starting in 1/2018 because you "crossed over" to a new renewal period.

CE & LICENSE DEADLINES: On or before your renewal date, you must pay all license fees to the DOI and complete your required CE hours.Once you have done both there is a 60 day grace period for your CE hours to post and your renewed license to be mailed. The DOI no longer mails renewals to you, instead, they email your notice. Renewal forms are available on the DOI's website. Your CE reults are uploaded to the DOI website usually within 72 hours of completion.